Army of the Valley
Lieutenant General Jubal Anderson Early

Breckinridge’s Corps Major General John C. Breckinridge
Gordon’s Division Major General John B. Gordon
Evans’ Brigade Brigadier General Clement A. Evans (w)
Colonel Edmund N. Atkinson
13th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel J.H. Baker (w)
26th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Edmund N. Atkinson
(^)Lieutenant Colonel James S. Blain
31st Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel John H. Lowe
38th Georgia Infantry Regiment Major Thomas H. Bomar
60th Georgia Infantry Regiment Captain Milton Russell
61st Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel John H. Lamar (k)
Lieutenant Colonel J.D. Van Valkenburg (k)
Captain E.F. Sharp
12th Georgia Battalion Captain J.W. Anderson
York’s Consolidated Louisiana Brigade Brigadier General Zebulon York
Hay’s Old Brigade Colonel William R. Peck
5th Louisiana Infantry Major Alexander Hart
6th Louisiana Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Hanlon
7th Louisiana Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Thomas M. Terry
8th Louisiana Infantry Captain Louis Prados
9th Louisiana Infantry Lieutenant Colonel John J. Hodges
Stafford’s Old Brigade Colonel Eugene Waggaman
1st Louisiana Infantry Captain Joseph Taylor
2nd Louisiana Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Michael Grogan
10th Louisiana Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Henry D. Monier
14th Louisiana Infantry Lieutenant Colonel David Zable
15th Louisiana Infantry Captain H.J. Egan
Terry’s Colsolidated Virginia Brigade Brigadier General William Terry
Remnants of Stonewall Brigade;
2nd, 4th, 5th, 27th & 33rd Virginia Infantry
Colonel John H.S. Funk
Remnants of Jones’ 2nd Brigade;10th,23rd & 27th Virginia Infantry Colonel Rober H. Dungan

Remnants of Steuart’s 3rd Brigade;
10th, 23rd, 37th Virginia Infantry

Captain Peter Yancy
Breckinridge’s Division Brigadier General John Echols
Echols’ Brigade Colonel George S. Patton
22nd Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel George S. Patton (^)
23rd Virginia Infantry Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Dlarence Derrick
25th Virginia Infantry Regiment
26th Virginia Infantry battalion Lieutenant George M. Edgar
Wharton’s Brigade Brigadier General Gabriel Wharton
45th Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Edwin H. Harman
51st Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Augustus Forsberg
26th Virginia Infantry Battalion Major Peter J. Otey
Smith’s Brigade Colonel Thomas Smith
36th Virginia Infantry Regiment
60th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Beuhring H. Jones
45th Virginia Infantry Battalion Major Blake L. Woodson
Rodes’ Corps Major General Robert Rodes
Rodes’ Division Major General Robert Rodes
Battle’s Brigade Colonel Charles Pickens
3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment
5th Alabama Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel E.L. Hobson
6th Alabama Infantry Regiment
12th Alabama Infantry Regiment
61st Alabama Infantry Regiment
Cooks’ Brigade
4th Georgia Infantry Regiment
12th Georgia Infantry Regiment
21st Georgia Infantry Regiment
44th Georgia Infantry Regiment
Cox’s Brigade
1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel H.M. Brown
2nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel J.P. Cobb
3rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel S.D. Thurston
4th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel J.H. Wood
14th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel W.A. Johnston
30th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel F.M. Parker
Grimes’ Brigade
32nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment
43rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment
45th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
53rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment
2nd North Carolina Infantry Battalion
Ramseur’s Division Major General Stephen D. Ramseur
Johnston’s Brigade Brigadier General Robert D. Johnston
5th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel John W. Lee
12th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel W.S. Davis
20th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas Toon
23rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles C. Blacknall
Lewis’ Brigade Brigadier General William G. Lewis
6th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel S.M. Tate
21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment Major William J. Pfohl
54th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Anderson Ellis
57th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel Archibald Godwin
Lilley’s Brigade Brigadier General Robert Lilley
13th Virginia Infantry Regiment Major Charles Thomas Crittenden
31st Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel John Stringer Hoffman
49th Virginia Infantry Regiment Captain William D. Moffett
52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Augustus Forsberg
58th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis Howard Board
Artillery Reserve Brigadier General Armistead L. Long
Artillery Division Lieutenant Colonel J Floyd King
Braxton’s Artillery Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Carter Braxton
Alleghany (Va.) Artillery Captain John C. Carpenter
Lee (Va.) Artillery Captain W.W. Hardwicke
Stafford (Va.) Artillery Captain Raleigh Cooper
Nelson’s Artillery Battalion Lieutenant Colonel William Nelson
Amhurst (Va.) Artillery Captain Thomas J. Kirkatrick
Fluvanna (Va.) Artillery Captain John Massie
Milledge’s (Ga.) Battery Captain John Milledge
McLaughlin’s Artillery Battalion Maor William McLaughlin
Lewisburg (Va.) Artillery Captain Thomas A. Bryan
Monroe (Va.) Artillery Captain George B. Chapman
Wise Legion Artillery Captain W.M. Lowry
Cavalry Major General Robert Ransom
Johnson’s Brigade Brigadier General Tyler Johnson
1st Maryland Cavalry Battalion
8th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
21st Virginia Cavalry Regiment
22nd Virginia Cavalry Battalion
34th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
36th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
McCausland’s Brigade Briigadier General John McCausland
14th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel James Cochran
16th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Milton J. Ferguson
17th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William C. Tavenner (mw)
22nd Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Henry Bowen
Imboden’s Brigade Brigadier General John D. Imboden
Colonel George Smith
18th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
23rd Virginia Cavalry Regiment
62nd Virginia Mounted infantry