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Most visitors arrive on the Monocacy battlefield from the north along the Urbana Pike. Immediately after leaving the area around the mall, the Visitor Center is on the east side of Urbana Pike, a great starting point before starting a tour of the park.

Heading south from the Visitor Center a set of monuments and markers is on the west side of the Pike in the fields of the John Best Farm. A short distance further south a driveway leads back to the Best farm buildings, were there are several interpretive signs. Confederates arrived here on the day of the battle to find the crossings of the Monocacy defended by Union troops.

After returning to the Urbana Pike from the Best farm and continuing south turn right immediatly after crossing the railroad bridge to reach the monument to the 14th New Jersey.

Continue south across the Monocacy River and turn right onto Araby Church Road. This was the old Washington Turnpike, the main road to Washinton before the Urbana Pike was built. It will take you past the Pennsylvania and Vermont monuments. To follow the battle as it developed turn right on Baker Valley Road past the Thomas Farm and cross under Interstate 270.

Immediately on the west side of Interstate 270 turn right down a service road to the Worthington House. Trails lead from here to the Worthington-McKinney Ford, where the Confederates first crossed the Monocacy to outflank the Union position.

Return to Baker Valley Road and the Thomas Farm. Confederate forces fought across the Thomas farm toward what is now Araby Church Road and the Pennsylvania and Vermont monuments.

After returning to Araby Church Roa, cross Urbana Pike to Gambrill Mill, where Union forces formed their final defensive lines. Walking trails lead to interpretive markers near the river crossings.

If you are taking Interstate 270 into Frederick from the south, stop at the rest area for the view of the battlefield and the distant city and two interpretive markers.